I have always been interested in weather, particularly severe weather. I got into storm chasing and spotting in 2004-05. Born and raised in Virginia Beach, I lived most of my life there. However, I moved to Nebraska for a year (2006-2007) and caught my first tornado. I am back in Virginia Beach and recently decided to take my chasing a little more seriously than I had in the past. I used to complain that this area did not get good storms, but in reality there are some pretty nice ones.

I tend to be more of a structure junkie than anything. I tend to take photos of things that (at least to me) are interesting or eye-pleasing. Some have seen my photos and say “Nice clouds, lol.” It is all in the eye of the beholder I guess..and it does not hurt to know your cloud and storm types either! I love tornadoes and such too, but around here that is like icing on the cake :P Which is probably why “sky chaser” came to mind when I decided to create this blog.

I never really had a weather/chasing blog before. Mostly, I just stuck photos up on Flickr and showed my friends. I wanted something a lil more “official” and I like the fact that I can write about things. I can go into more detail about a photo, a forecast or even “the one that got away” So, I hope to share a lot in the coming months about what it is like to chase here in this very unpredictable (but yet so predictable) area I call home.


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