Tonight, I learned that Friday’s storms in Oklahoma claimed over a dozen lives. Among those were Tim Samaras, his son Paul and Carl Young; a trio many people know as TWISTEX. Dr. Greg Forbes tweeted that the flag at The Weather Channel has been lowered to half mast. It brought tears to my eyes. They died doing what they lived for. Tim will always be remembered for his contributions to the science of severe weather. Though, I did not personally know him, I have over the years had some brief conversations with him via the Internet, IRC chat, social media, forums etc. I even recall a time when he dropped into the IRC channel for a scheduled discussion event that turned out to be quite a success. http://www.stormtrack.org/forum/showthread.php?5111-Tim-Samaras-to-visit-stormtalk-chat-July-7th-9-PM-CDT When people pass on, it is important to remember good times. Thankfully we have the archives of the Internet to help us hold onto those memories of really great people like Tim. I am aware that the Internet is ablaze with many heated comments and viewpoints on the hobby/science of storm chasing And it’s many participants and followers. I think sometimes when tragedies like this happen people want to blame someone something But it is my sincere opinion that no one really was at fault. Sure, someone could say that they shouldn’t have been out there in the first place. If we did not have Storm chasers and people like Tim to push the envelope of knowledge and learning and discovery, We wouldn’t advance and evolve as intelligent human beings; (or in the words of Van Halen,(“humans being”) When you think about it that’s what just being human is. Curiosity, fascination with the world that we live in; trying to explain the unexplainable; maybe even change the world a little. It’s what Tim did. He shared his knowledge with us all for the betterment of our world. He will be greatly be missed by many but never forgotten. He, his team and all the rest who were there marked history, certainly.


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