So I wake up yesterday to a Tweet from a local weather enthusiast, with a link to a picture of a snowfall total map for this area. 10-12 inches we were slotted for.

Yeah, right!

The last time we had a really big snow deal was the Blizzard of 1996 where I remember getting about 4 inches of snow. I remember going out and measuring it with my little purple plastic school ruler. It was exciting. I had a blast playing in the snow out in our massive front yard. Snowmen families were created (and destroyed), snow boulders were strategically created. Though the best memory of playing in the snow that year was writing out the entire first verse of Alanis Morissette’s “All I Really Want” in the snow in the middle of the yard. I was a huge fan and had just got the album a couple weeks prior. Scoring that album as a 7th grader was MASSIVE as the album was SO risque and controversial ;)

I also recall sitting at this same spot (different desk however) looking out the window in front of me at the snow, hoping school would cancel that Monday. School wound up being cancelled or late for a few days that week. You would have thought that all that time out of school would have given me plenty of time to finish a huge science project I had going. We had to make our own National Geographic type magazine on the planets. A LOT of writing was required.  I was not keen on it at all. So, it was slapped together at the last minute and I got a crappy grade. Ah well, there was no Google then. *sigh* =)

I am very curious to see how this weekends storm pans out. Like ’96 its a weekend storm. Maybe it will be “Blizzard of 1996 – The Resurrection” =)


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