So, we all have been aware for quite a while now that Tropical Storm Ida made landfall at 6:40 a.m. Eastern Time on Dauphin Island, Alabama. Not too long afterwards, it was considered “Extra-Tropical” bringing tons of rain to the south eastern US.

This afternoon the first rain bands moved into the Hampton Roads area. A nearby weather enthusiast posted a photo to Twitter, and that was all it took. I grabbed my keys and camera and was gone. Did not even bother to take my purse that was sitting right there on the table next to me, which contained my drivers licence and spotter ID card (I like to keep that on me just in case, cause you never know if you get approached for “suspicious behaviour”)

I was only intending on going down the road and coming back. After all this time, I should know that if I go out for anything weather related, I should expect to go a lot farther than I intended.


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