Dear Surface Cold Front,
Thank you for all the excitement you caused within the past 20 hours. At 2am this morning, the slight risk was amazing to see. You went from very poor CAPE, Instability and lapse rates to a slight risk with 5% tornado within hours. Very impressive. You really had me going this afternoon when an MD was issued in your anticipation. You must have really enjoyed all the attention. So much so you decided to take your sweet time. It really was amazing to wait ALL day for a chance to meet with you for some photo ops.
However, this never happened. The MD cancelled. You started to fall apart as you slowly moved eastward at a snails pace. The day was shot. Then as nightfall approached, you reformed yourself ninja style as a very lovely squall line. At 9:30pm EDT you trekked your way closer to me…
I see you are trying to make it up to me, but how can I trust you to even bring more than wind and rain when you have been such a disappointment  thusfar?  Instead of photographs today, I have radar captures.  Really awesome..really…



Too little too late, my friend.



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