Well, now the chasing and severe wx has died down considerably lately. We have had a couple nor’easters bringing some cold weather here. Last week there were a few cold and rainy days due to a stubborn nor’easter that would not move out. I hated it. I actually WANTED high pressure to move in.. Now this week has been warm and nice.

Sadly, I used to love autumn. It used to be my favourite season. Not anymore. I cannot get into it. I do not like the cold and the winter following. Could be SDS, could be SAD (which I believe in a storm chasers case SAD = SDS) However, the slow down gives me more time to work on organising this blog and its photos. Since I have not posted in a while I will share a few pics from the past week or two. The first one is of a tiny funnel I caught on my camera while going after a squall line on the 10th. I really like this pic but since I am not so great at colour balancing yet, I was a BIT heavy handed with the black side of the b/w spectrum. However, it does show the funnel quite well.


The below images were taken yesterday (22. Oct) The first was actually a blind photo because I stuck my camera out of the window of my car, and shot the sunset behind me. Turned out better than any of the others I had taken. Funny how stuff like that works out =)

2009-10-23 00.07.16

I took this shortly after I arrived home from the middle of my front yard. Gorgeous! (and no colour tweaking necessary!)

2009-10-23 00.26.40


2 thoughts on “End is near

    • Today was really frustrating. It was all so hopeful. The unexpected slight risk issued at 2am..then the MD later in the afternoon and then the frontal system just ..stopped. Moving so slowly..the definition of bust.

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