Last Saturday was a fun one. With Hurricane Bill making its way up and away from the coast and a stalled out front this made for long lasting nearly stationary storms.

I thought I would be going out to chase and around 1pm the towering cumulus (cumuli?) were looking good. I loaded up radar and periodically checked it while I was doing some other stuff. It got rather dark about 15-20 minutes later so I pulled up the radar and there was a little blob of a rain shower that appeared out of nowhere. So, I headed outside as my house was right on the edge of it. I looked up and could actually see it overhead, slowly moving in.

Over the period of a half hour the rain shower turned into a very large and intense storm. By that time, I was archiving the images to later animate to show the progress of this monster…

Then..a flash of lightning and an immediate crack (the too close for comfort kind)..and total loss of power.

When we lose power, we can expect to be out for about 4-6 hours (in the case of a hurricane, that is about 8 days) For some reason my neighbourhood is on a really sensitive power grid and it goes out easily, and takes ages to restore. Our generator makes this a lot less crippling.

Overall, it was an interesting and kind of fun day. Sometimes it is nice cause things like this tend to force the family to be in the same area of the house and spend time together. We got to have the pleasure of a band of young ducks enjoying the flooded grass which is like a buffet for them.

Apparently a transformer down the road was hit by lightning. Power crews had to wait for the storms to pass as I know they cannot work when lightning is still present. We were out of power for 5 hours.

I was rather disappointed at the fact that I do not have an image saved from the very massive and intense squall line that was coming in from the west and clashed with my storm. If I find one, I will post it (and give credit that is due of course) =)

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