I headed out after a storm to my SW. It was weakening but there was an OFB present on GR3 and it seemed to be a good candidate for interception. I figured, why the hell not? I had nothing else to do.

I headed down Independence Blvd and as the first photo below indicates..nothing too impressive. Just when I was expecting to just see nothing but a mass of fluffy cumulus, around the bend in the road, there it was. A lot closer than I anticipated. Found a decent spot to pull over, snapped some photos and as it was coming closer, I had to backtrack and head north. I noticed there was a very interesting lowering from this system (which I guess was no more than a rain shower by that time) Almost looked like a baby wall cloud. I did not have long before the precip core was on top of me, so I had to haul it north.

Good luck. One thing I must say for chasing here in Va. Beach. The storms fire when people are getting off work and there are a ton of cars on the road. This makes swift moving and U-turns very difficult. This kind of thing causes one to make snap decisions at the last second. No time to plan anything. I always go with instinct when I chase so, it is not that big of a deal. Any time I try and plan anything in detail..it never works. Screw forecasting :P

So, after going through neighbourhoods to get away from the rain, I went to pick up a prescription at the pharmacy, and when I came out, there was some nice towers to the east moving over the water off Chesapeake Beach. I headed that way. At first I felt I may have wasted my time and headed back. While driving over the Lesner Bridge I saw the massive storm over the water. Once again a hasty lane change and U-turn was required.

This storm was closer to me than it appeared at first. I had difficulty photographing the entire thing, but I managed to get one (last photo in gallery)

Overall, I would say the day was a success. 2 different systems in one day, in 2 different portions of the city, nice structure, good times. =)


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