Finally uploading these photos. I have been having issues with watermarking. PicMarkr was really irritating, and I found that IrfanView does batch text overlay. The settings for the location of the watermark are rather irritating, so placement is rather awkward. It was good to also learn how to resize the photos. Mostly because I post photos to Facebook as well and even though I have had no real issue in the past, it just looks better.

Soooo, here are my photos from last Tuesday.


This was yet another unexpected chase, but a rather good one I must say. It was also a corepunch situation. I think I sat in the parking lot of Food Lion..and later CVS for a total of an hour. It did provide me with a good view, however. When the rain became so heavy, I had no choice but to wait. Visibility was terrible, so I just sat and snapped photos.


Finally when it moved on, to the east, off shore (above) I decided to head back to the west, after I came out of CVS to buy a friend a birthday gift =)


(Leaving CVS)

There was some interesting structure going on and I decided to investigate…


I sat in a Hardee’s parking lot just watching that huge blob of cumulus trying to become a storm. It eventually fizzled out and I went home. As I was walking into the gate, snapped some pics of the T-cu peeking over the trees. However, it never said hi :P



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