These photos below are photos that I took 2 weeks ago. It was a “Slight Risk Day” if I remember right. In fact, that whole week was slight risk. Slight Risk days here, are kind of like a High Risk in the plains. :P ..well maybe not THAT serious but it is a big deal (at least to me)

I was on my way to a doctors appointment and things had begun to fire up. I was stuck at a stoplight that for some reason refused to change to green for a few cycles, so while I waited I broke out my phone and took these pictures. I believe they are pretty good for being inside the car with a cellphone and a dirty windshield. =)

4. Mai 2009image_2image_3

This following photo was taken at another stop light (notice a trend here?) I wound up skirting the outer edges of that storm. image_4

This photo was just damn neat. I was in the parking lot at the doctors office. Shame that the watermark goes across the best part of the photo though.. image_5


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